Dry Skin
Dry skin is usually tight and the facial pores are very small. The skin usually has fine wrinkles, flaking, red patches. In the case of colored skin, the skin may appear ashy or dull.

You have Dry skin type when?
- make up is hardly absorbed into the skin
- you have wrinkle before age
- your skin has no good circulation and no healthy color
- your skin does not have pores or acne

Although that tight, dried out feeling in the skin can be age-related, dry skin can also be caused by using a moisturizer that is not rich enough for your skin needs or a cleanser that is too harsh. A Routine of gentle skin care will help the direst skin more supple and radiant.

Gentle cleanser helps moisturizes dry skin. Fortunately, there are plenty products to try: There are ?super fatted ?Soaps often called beauty bars- that contain emollients such as olive oil or lanolin, and there are milky liquid cleansers and tissue-off cleansing creams.

The drier your skin, the more hydrating ingredients your moisturizer should contain. Choose Product is formulated with glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or Lanolin and antioxidants especially for vitamin A, C and E. These ingredients slow down moisture loss during the day, preventing further dehydration especially Emu oil or lanolin also heals scar and wrinkle. Antioxidants help to slow down ageing process, giving the skin natural youthfulness.

Dry Skin Rules
* Use a mild, soap free liquid cleanser or ?super fatted? cleansing bar to wash your face at night.In the morning just slash your face with warm water.
* Select moisturizers formulated with ingredients that delay moisture loss and prevent further dryness e.g. hyaluronic acid, emu oil, placenta, lanolin, glycerin, etc.
* Choose extra products to boost moisture level e.g. serum or mask. Placenta extract serum which is rich in vitamin and mineral helps to replenish skin and plump up wrinkles.
* Apply moisturizer when your face and body are still damp * Use oil ?based foundations and cream or cream powder blushers the oil they contain will help soften fine lines and wrinkles.

* Wash your face with hash soap. Ever.
* Use grainy cleansing products or buffing pads
* Forget to apply an SPF-15 sunscreen to your face and neck every day

Normal Skin
Normal skin has a very balanced condition, not too either oily or dry. Baby has a normal skin.