Rebirth…Placenta expert
Rebirth has a long history to become no. 1 placenta cream in Australia. With the uniqueness of formulation developed by a group of passionate friends and laboratories experts to create the highest quality of Placenta and Emu cream from Australia, Rebirth placenta anti wrinkle creams have been sold over 3 million jars worldwide (1995-2010).

Rebirth… School friends reunion history
Rebirth's history dates back to 1993, when a group of old friends gathered for a school reunion. Whilst excited to see their friends, collectively the group was shocked at how much they had all aged. Years of being exposed to the Australian sun's harmful rays had left them with fine lines and wrinkles. The shock prompted the group to discuss how they could challenge the ageing process and recapture their youthful skin. The result was that the group decided to launch a mission to develop a range of natural skin care products that would slow down the aging process and allow their skin to be regenerated and restored to its former glory. With the aid of experts from Milpharma Laboratories in Australia, the group was introduced "Rebirth Placenta Duo Portion'93" first placenta anti-ageing ingredient skin care. Placenta is a naturally occurring ingredient that is crucial to preventing fine lines and wrinkles. The group formed the Rebirth Company to promote Placenta & Emu range in Australia.