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Placenta Extract Concentrate Serum (RM05) 25mL

• Smaller molecule than the skin pore, fast absorb in one minute
• Reduces wrinkle in 2 weeks and reduces dark spot on the face
• Most popular product, a lot of good comment from customers

A skin serum containing concentrated natural & pure placenta extract derived from sheep. Placenta extract is a rich source of bioactive nutrients to provide intense hydration, firming of skin while diminishing age spots and pigmentation.

Ingredients / Active Ingredients
Cyclomethicones, Sheep Placental Extract, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate

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Director Comments
It is cheaper to buy size 25 ml than 15 ml. This 45% placenta extract is the best formulation. You can use after washing your face and apply on your face & neck. Our research shows that 45% placenta extracts can bring the best result. We had tried 60% concentration, but the smell was not so nice because it is too concentrate. Yes!, though your face look young, but face smell like Sheep?s placenta. I recommend you to try this items, it is a must! Our company is well known in making good quality placenta products. And, this item is our 6 stars products. 60 years old Chinese lady came to our shop called ?Life Spring? in Chinatown. She was asking for one dozen of Rebirth serum. She asked for 50% off. I told her we cannot give this give price (beside why you want to buy 12 bottles anyway?) She said ?you can see I am getting old. I need to look younger for my husband. Last 2 months my daughter bought it for me. I like it because it helps my skin tighter. Now I want to buy more to use for my whole body. It costs so much that why I ask for half price.? I realized how effective of this product. And I started to use since 1995. I gave her one extra bottle for her but sorry! ?I can not give her half price.?

Storage Barcode
Store below 30°C xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx